Identification of novel breast cancer susceptibility loci in meta-analyses conducted among Asian and European descendants. Nature communications Shu, X. n., Long, J. n., Cai, Q. n., Kweon, S. S., Choi, J. Y., Kubo, M. n., Park, S. K., Bolla, M. K., Dennis, J. n., Wang, Q. n., Yang, Y. n., Shi, J. n., Guo, X. n., Li, B. n., Tao, R. n., Aronson, K. J., Chan, K. Y., Chan, T. L., Gao, Y. T., Hartman, M. n., Kee Ho, W. n., Ito, H. n., Iwasaki, M. n., Iwata, H. n., John, E. M., Kasuga, Y. n., Soon Khoo, U. n., Kim, M. K., Kong, S. Y., Kurian, A. W., Kwong, A. n., Lee, E. S., Li, J. n., Lophatananon, A. n., Low, S. K., Mariapun, S. n., Matsuda, K. n., Matsuo, K. n., Muir, K. n., Noh, D. Y., Park, B. n., Park, M. H., Shen, C. Y., Shin, M. H., Spinelli, J. J., Takahashi, A. n., Tseng, C. n., Tsugane, S. n., Wu, A. H., Xiang, Y. B., Yamaji, T. n., Zheng, Y. n., Milne, R. L., Dunning, A. M., Pharoah, P. D., García-Closas, M. n., Teo, S. H., Shu, X. O., Kang, D. n., Easton, D. F., Simard, J. n., Zheng, W. n. 2020; 11 (1): 1217


Known risk variants explain only a small proportion of breast cancer heritability, particularly in Asian women. To search for additional genetic susceptibility loci for breast cancer, here we perform a meta-analysis of data from genome-wide association studies (GWAS) conducted in Asians (24,206 cases and 24,775 controls) and European descendants (122,977 cases and 105,974 controls). We identified 31 potential novel loci with the lead variant showing an association with breast cancer risk at P?

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