Understanding High-Dose, Ultra-High Dose-Rate and , Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy. International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics Griffin, R. J., Ahmed, M. M., Amendola, B. n., Belyakov, O. n., Bentzen, S. M., Butterworth, K. T., Chang, S. n., Coleman, C. N., Djonov, V. n., Formenti, S. C., Glatstein, E. n., Guha, C. n., Kalnicki, S. n., Le, Q. T., Loo, B. W., Mahadevan, A. n., Massaccesi, M. n., Maxim, P. G., Mohiuddin, M. n., Mohiuddin, M. n., Mayr, N. A., Obcemea, C. n., Petersson, K. n., Regine, W. n., Roach, M. n., Romanelli, P. n., Simone, C. B., Snider, J. W., Spitz, D. n., Vikram, B. n., Vozenin, M. C., Abdel-Wahab, M. n., Welsh, J. n., Wu, X. n., Limoli, C. L. 2020


The National Cancer Institute's Radiation Research Program in collaboration with the Radiosurgery Society hosted a workshop on Understanding High-Dose, Ultra-High Dose rate and Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy on August 20-21, 2018 to bring together experts in experimental and clinical experience in these and related fields. Critically, the overall aims were to understand the biological underpinning of these emerging techniques and the technical/physical parameters that must be further defined to drive clinical practice through innovative biologically-based clinical trials.

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