Fortifying Our Teams to Best Serve Our Patients: A Report of the 2019 Summer Intersociety Meeting. Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR Kruskal, J., Meltzer, C. C., Shanafelt, T., Gupta, S., Rawson, J., Deitte, L., Gibbs, I., Raybon, C., West, D., Canon, C. 2020


Continuing the thematic focus on fostering wellness and professional fulfillment in our workplace, the 2019 Radiology Intersociety Committee Conference focused on understanding and leading multigenerational workforces and developing high-functioning teams. To lead a multigenerational workforce and to understand and embrace traditional versus emerging cultures in our workplace, effective leaders should foster diversity of their teams. Sustaining such teams requires an understanding of different styles and preferences for bidirectional communication and clarity of information sharing and learning; active efforts may be needed to focus on practical approaches to succession planning, breaking down traditional hierarchies, clarifying role delineation, and managing authority gradients. An effective team requires attention to the well-being of team members and professional behavior in and out of the workplace. Conference participants unanimously endorsed multi-organizational support statements and activities assuring professional behavior of their members, along with the desire to explore codes of conduct and ethics.

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