Otolaryngology during COVID-19: Preventive care and precautionary measures. American journal of otolaryngology Zhao, C., Viana, A. J., Wang, Y., Wei, H., Yan, A., Capasso, R. 2020: 102508


Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in December 2019, it has spread to various regions and countries, forming a global pandemic. Reducing nosocomial infection is a new issue and challenge for all healthcare systems. Otolaryngology is a high-risk specialty as it close contact with upper respiratory tract mucous, secretions, droplets and aerosols during procedures and surgery. Therefore, infection prevention and control measures for this specialty are essential. Literatures on the epidemiology, clinical characteristics and infection control measures of COVID-19 were reviewed, practical knowledge from first-line otolaryngologists in China, the United States, and Brazil were reviewed and collated. It was recommended that otolaryngology professionals should improve screening in suspected patients with relevant nasal and pharyngeal symptoms and signs, suspend non-emergency consultations and examinations in clinics, and rearrange the working procedures in operating rooms. The guidelines of personal protective equipment for swab sampling, endoscopy and surgery were listed. Indications for tracheotomy during the pandemic should be carefully considered to avoid unnecessary airway opening and aerosol-generation; precautions during surgery to reduce the risk of exposure and infection were illustrated. This review aimed to provide recommendations for otolaryngologists to enhance personal protection against COVID-19 and reduce the risk of nosocomial infection.

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