Managing ICU surge during the COVID-19 crisis: rapid guidelines. Intensive care medicine Aziz, S., Arabi, Y. M., Alhazzani, W., Evans, L., Citerio, G., Fischkoff, K., Salluh, J., Meyfroidt, G., Alshamsi, F., Oczkowski, S., Azoulay, E., Price, A., Burry, L., Dzierba, A., Benintende, A., Morgan, J., Grasselli, G., Rhodes, A., Moller, M. H., Chu, L., Schwedhelm, S., Lowe, J. J., Bin, D., Christian, M. D. 2020


Given the rapidly changing nature of COVID-19, clinicians and policy makers require urgent review and summary of the literature, and synthesis of evidence-based guidelines to inform practice. The WHO advocates for rapid reviews in these circumstances. The purpose of this rapid guideline is to provide recommendations on the organizational management of intensive care units caring for patients with COVID-19 including: planning a crisis surge response; crisis surge response strategies; triage, supporting families, and staff.

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