Defining critical factors in multi-country studies of assisted reproductive technologies (ART): data from the US and UK health systems. Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics Eisenberg, M. L., Luke, B. n., Cameron, K. n., Shaw, G. M., Pacey, A. A., Sutcliffe, A. G., Williams, C. n., Gardiner, J. n., Anderson, R. A., Baker, V. L. 2020


As the worldwide use of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) continues to grow, there is a critical need to assess the safety of these treatment parameters and the potential adverse health effects of their use in adults and their offspring. While key elements remain similar across nations, geographic variations both in treatments and populations make generalizability challenging. We describe and compare the demographic factors between the USA and the UK related to ART use and discuss implications for research. The USA and the UK share some common elements of ART practice and in how data are collected regarding long-term outcomes. However, the monitoring of ART in these two countries each brings strengths that complement each other's limitations.

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