HIGH HCV CURE RATES WITH APPROVED INTERFERON-FREE DIRECT ACTING ANTIVIRALS AMONG DIVERSE MAINLAND CHINESE PATIENTS INCLUDING GENOTYPES 3a AND 3b Ji, F., Li, J., Liu, L., Jing, L., Wang, X., Liu, J., Cai, D., Huang, R., Zhang, J., Wang, Q., Nan, Y., Li, J., Ye, Q., Zhang, M., Xu, Q., Guo, F., Zhao, C., Liu, L., He, C., Yu, L., Wang, W., Kam, L., Tran, S., Maeda, M., Mizuta, A., Li, Z., Dang, S., Zhu, Q., Ren, W., Cheung, R., Niu, J., Xie, W., Pan, H., Ren, H., Wu, C., Shang, J., Wang, F., Nguyen, M. H. WILEY. 2020: 532A–533A

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