Detection and Diagnostic Utilization of Cellular and Cell-Free Tumor DNA. Annual review of pathology Dudley, J. C., Diehn, M. 2020


Because cancer is caused by an accumulation of genetic mutations, mutant DNA released by tumors can be used as a highly specific biomarker for cancer. Although this principle was described decades ago, the advent and falling costs of next-generation sequencing have made the use of tumor DNA as a biomarker increasingly practical. This review surveys the use of cellular and cell-free DNA for the detection of cancer, with a focus on recent technological developments and applications to solid tumors. It covers (a) key principles and technology enabling the highly sensitive detection of tumor DNA; (b) assessment of tumor DNA in plasma, including for genotyping, minimal residual disease detection, and early detection of localized cancer; (c) detection of tumor DNA in body cavity fluids, such as urine or cerebrospinal fluid; and (d) challenges posed to the use of tumor DNA as a biomarker by the phenomenon of benign clonal expansions. Expected final online publication date for the Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease, Volume 16 is January 25, 2021. Please see for revised estimates.

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