'What is Your Reality? - Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality in Plastic Surgery Training, Education, and Practice '. Plastic and reconstructive surgery Lee, G., Moshrefi, S., Fuertes, V., Veeravagu, L., Nazerali, R., Lin, S. J. 2020


Virtual reality and other technological advancements both inside and outside the operating room have shown an exponential increase in the past two decades. Surgical techniques and finesse in delicate procedures has become ever more important and the onus is on plastic surgeons and plastic surgery residents to meet these needs to provide the best outcomes possible to patients. The ability to learn, simulate, and practice operating in a fashion that poses no harm to any patient is truly a gift from technology to surgery that any surgeon could benefit from, whether trainee or attending. This application of technology and simulation has been demonstrated in other fields such as in the airline industry with flight simulation. The ability to learn, synthesize, and incorporate learned materials and ideas through virtual, augmented, and mixed reality tools offers a great opportunity to put our field at the forefront of a paradigm shift in surgical education. The critical utility of digital education could not be further emphasized any more than in the unfortunate and infrequent situation of a world-wide pandemic. This article reviews some of the important recent technologies that have developed and their applications in plastic surgery education and offers a look into what we can expect in the future.

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