Changes in mental health symptoms from pre-COVID-19 to COVID-19 among participants with systemic sclerosis from four countries: A Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network (SPIN) Cohort study JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOMATIC RESEARCH Thombs, B. D., Kwakkenbos, L., Henry, R. S., Carrier, M., Patten, S., Harb, S., Bourgeault, A., Tao, L., Bartlett, S. J., Mouthon, L., Varga, J., Benedetti, A., Fortune, C., Gietzen, A., Guillot, G., Lewis, N., Richard, M., Sauve, M., Welling, J., Fligelstone, K., Gottesman, K., Leite, C., Perez, E., Baron, M., Malcarne, V., Mayes, M. D., Nielson, W. R., Riggs, R., Assassi, S., Ells, C., van den Ende, C., Frech, T., Harel, D., Hinchcliff, M., Hudson, M., Johnson, S. R., Larche, M., Nguyen, C., Pope, J., Rannou, F., Reyna, T., Schouffoer, A. A., Suarez-Almazor, M. E., Agard, C., Albert, A., Bernstein, E. J., Berthier, S., Bissonnette, L., Bruns, A., Carreira, P., Chaigne, B., Chung, L., Correia, C., Denton, C., Domsic, R., Dunne, J., Dunogue, B., Farge-Bancel, D., Fortin, P. R., Gordon, J., Granel-Rey, B., Hatron, P., Herrick, A. L., Hoa, S., Jones, N., Fernandes, A. B., Kafaja, S., Khalidi, N., Launay, D., Manning, J., Marie, I., Martin, M., Mekinian, A., Melchor, S., Nikpour, M., Olagne, L., Proudman, S., Regent, A., Riviere, S., Robinson, D., Rodriguez, E., Roux, S., Sobanski, V., Steen, V., Sutton, E., Thorne, C., Wilcox, P., Ayala, M., Carboni-Jimenez, A., Gagarine, M., Nordlund, J., Ostbo, N., Rice, D. B., Turner, K. A., Culos-Reed, N., Dyas, L., El-Baalbaki, G., Hebblethwaite, S., Bustamante, L., Duchek, D., Ellis, K. 2020; 139: 110262


No studies have reported mental health symptom comparisons prior to and during COVID-19 in vulnerable medical populations.To compare anxiety and depression symptoms among people with a pre-existing medical condition and factors associated with changes.Pre-COVID-19 Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network Cohort data were linked to COVID-19 data from April 2020. Multiple linear and logistic regression were used to assess factors associated with continuous change and = 1 minimal clinically important difference (MCID) change for anxiety (PROMIS Anxiety 4a v1.0; MCID = 4.0) and depression (Patient Health Questionnaire-8; MCID = 3.0) symptoms, controlling for pre-COVID-19 levels.Mean anxiety symptoms increased 4.9 points (95% confidence interval [CI] 4.0 to 5.7). Depression symptom change was negligible (0.3 points; 95% CI -0.7 to 0.2). Compared to France (N = 159), adjusted anxiety symptom change scores were significantly higher in the United Kingdom (N = 50; 3.3 points, 95% CI 0.9 to 5.6), United States (N = 128; 2.5 points, 95% CI 0.7 to 4.2), and Canada (N = 98; 1.9 points, 95% CI 0.1 to 3.8). Odds of =1 MCID increase were 2.6 for the United Kingdom (95% CI 1.2 to 5.7) but not significant for the United States (1.6, 95% CI 0.9 to 2.9) or Canada (1.4, 95% CI 0.7 to 2.5). Older age and adequate financial resources were associated with less continuous anxiety increase. Employment and shorter time since diagnosis were associated with lower odds of a = 1 MCID increase.Anxiety symptoms, but not depression symptoms, increased dramatically during COVID-19 among people with a pre-existing medical condition.

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