Identification of patients who may benefit the most from adjuvant chemotherapy following resection of incidental gallbladder carcinoma. Journal of surgical oncology Xiang, J., Zhang, X., Weber, S. M., Poultsides, G., Fields, R. C., Hatzaras, I., Weiss, M., Scoggins, C., Idrees, K., Shen, P., Maithel, S. K., Pawlik, T. M. 2021


BACKGROUND: To develop a scoring system to identify the subset of patients who may benefit the most from adjuvant chemotherapy following curative-intent resection for incidental gallbladder cancer (IGBC).METHODS: A novel scoring system was utilized to stratify patients relative to overall survival (OS), as well as potential benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy following curative resection for IGBC.RESULTS: Among 266 patients with IGBC, a total of 99 (37.2%) patients received adjuvant chemotherapy. Five risk factors were used to develop an integer-based score to predict OS. Risk of death at 5-years incrementally increased among patients in the low (n=42, 69.0%), medium (n=64, 56.3%) and high-risk groups (n=40, 30.0%) (median OS, 99.4 vs. 33.5 vs. 15.6 months, all p<.001). Use of adjuvant chemotherapy did not provide a survival benefit among patients in the low-risk group (median survival, 99.4 vs. 60.7 months, p=.56). In contrast, utilization of adjuvant chemotherapy was associated with an improvement in survival among medium- (median survival, 21.7 vs. 59.5 months, p=.04) and high-risk patients (median survival, 11.6 vs. 20.1 months, p=.01).CONCLUSIONS: While low-risk patients did not benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy, individuals with medium or high-risk scores had an improved survival with the utilization of adjuvant chemotherapy.

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