Iatrogenic Compartment Syndrome After Delayed Primary Closure of the Tibial Fracture-Related Leg Fasciotomy Wound: A Case Report. JBJS case connector Karamian, B. A., Bishop, J. A. 2020; 10 (4)


CASE: Compartment syndrome can occur after tibial fracture and requires prompt diagnosis and immediate fasciotomy. Because of post-traumatic swelling, delayed primary wound closure can be difficult requiring significant tension on the skin. Closing the skin in this setting theoretically puts the patient at risk of elevated compartment pressures, although compartment syndrome has never been reported in these circumstances. We describe a case of compartment syndrome that developed after delayed primary skin closure of a single incision 4-compartment fasciotomy wound after tibial fracture.CONCLUSION: This is the first published description of compartment syndrome after delayed primary closure of a leg fasciotomy wound.

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