The epidemiology of NAFLD and lean NAFLD in Japan: a meta-analysis with individual and forecasting analysis, 1995-2040. Hepatology international Ito, T. n., Ishigami, M. n., Zou, B. n., Tanaka, T. n., Takahashi, H. n., Kurosaki, M. n., Maeda, M. n., Thin, K. N., Tanaka, K. n., Takahashi, Y. n., Itoh, Y. n., Oniki, K. n., Seko, Y. n., Saruwatari, J. n., Kawanaka, M. n., Atsukawa, M. n., Hyogo, H. n., Ono, M. n., Ogawa, E. n., Barnett, S. D., Stave, C. D., Cheung, R. C., Fujishiro, M. n., Eguchi, Y. n., Toyoda, H. n., Nguyen, M. H. 2021


NAFLD is increasing in Asia including Japan, despite its lower obesity rate than the West. However, NAFLD can occur in lean people, but data are limited. We aimed to investigate the epidemiology of NAFLD in Japan with a focus on lean NAFLD.We searched PubMed, Cochrane Library, EMBASE, Web of Science, and the Japan Medical Abstracts Society (inception to 5/15/2019) and included 73 eligible full-text original research studies (n?=?258,531). We used random-effects model for pooled estimates, Bayesian modeling for trend and forecasting, contacted authors for individual patient data and analyzed 14,887 (7752 NAFLD; 7135 non-NAFLD-8 studies) patients.The overall NAFLD prevalence was 25.5%, higher in males (p?

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