Real-time point-of-care total protein measurement with a miniaturized optoelectronic biosensor and fast fluorescence-based assay. Biosensors & bioelectronics Mahzabeen, F., Vermesh, O., Levi, J., Tan, M., Alam, I. S., Chan, C. T., Gambhir, S. S., Harris, J. S. 2020: 112823


Measurement of total protein in urine is key to monitoring kidney health in diabetes. However, most total protein assays are performed using large, expensive laboratory chemistry analyzers that are not amenable to point-of-care analysis or home monitoring and cannot provide real-time readouts. We developed a miniaturized optoelectronic biosensor using a vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), coupled with a fast protein assay based on protein-induced fluorescence enhancement (PIFE), that can dynamically measure protein concentrations in protein-spiked buffer, serum, and urine in seconds with excellent sensitivity (urine LOD?=?0.023?g/L, LOQ?=?0.075?g/L) and over a broad range of physiologically relevant concentrations. Comparison with gold standard clinical assays and standard fluorimetry tools showed that the sensor can accurately and reliably quantitate total protein in clinical urine samples from patients with diabetes. Our VCSEL biosensor is amenable to integration with miniaturized electronics, which could afford a portable, low-cost, easy-to-use device for sensitive, accurate, and real-time total protein measurements from small biofluid volumes.

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