A resource of lipidomics and metabolomics data from individuals with undiagnosed diseases SCIENTIFIC DATA Kyle, J. E., Stratton, K. G., Zink, E. M., Kim, Y., Bloodsworth, K. J., Monroe, M. E., Bacino, C. A., Bacino, C. A., Hanchard, N. A., Lewis, R. A., Rosenfeld, J. A., Scott, D. A., Tran, A. A., Ward, P. A., Burrage, L. C., Clark, G. D., Alejandro, M. E., Posey, J. E., Wangler, M. F., Lee, B. H., Craigen, W. J., Bellen, H. J., Nicholas, S. K., Bostwick, B. L., Samson, S. L., Goldman, A. M., Moretti, P. M., Eng, C. M., Muzny, D. M., Orengo, J. P., Vogel, T. P., Lalani, S. R., Murdock, D. R., Azamian, M. S., Orange, J. S., Emrick, L. T., Dhar, S. U., Balasubramanyam, A., Potocki, L., Yamamoto, S., Yang, Y., Chen, S., Jamal, F., Karaviti, L., Marom, R., Lincoln, S. A., Walsh, C. A., Beggs, A. H., Rodan, L. H., Stoler, J. M., Berry, G. T., Cobban, L. A., MacRae, C. A., Krier, J. B., Silverman, E. K., Fieg, E. L., Maas, R. L., Loscalzo, J., Aday, A., Korrick, S., Goldstein, D. B., Stong, N., Sullivan, J. A., Spillmann, R. C., Pena, L. M., Tan, Q., Walley, N. M., Jiang, Y., McConkie-Rosell, A., Schoch, K., Shashi, V., Cope, H., Holm, I. A., Kohane, I. S., McCray, A. T., Esteves, C., LeBlanc, K., Might, M., Kelley, E., Worthey, E. A., Dorset, D. C., Boone, B. E., Levy, S. E., Birch, C. L., Jones, A. L., Brown, D. M., Bick, D. P., Newberry, J., Lazar, J., May, T., Sweetser, D. A., Briere, L. C., Pallais, J., Cooper, C. M., High, F., Walker, M., Colley, H. A., Mamounas, L. A., Manolio, T. A., Burke, E. A., Godfrey, R. A., Groden, C. A., Gahl, W. A., Wolfe, L. A., Markello, T. C., Lau, C., Draper, D. D., Gould, S. E., Nehrebecky, M. E., Wahl, C. E., Batzli, G. F., Macnamara, E. F., Dayal, J. G., Eckstein, D. J., Mulvihill, J. J., Tifft, C. J., Urv, T. K., Wise, A. L., Murphy, J. L., Gropman, A. L., Howerton, E. M., Krasnewich, D. M., Johnston, J. M., Pusey, B. N., Adams, D. R., Maduro, V. V., Malicdan, M. V., Davids, M., Estwick, T., Novacic, D., Sharma, P., Toro, C., Yu, G., Behnam, B., D'Souza, P., Ferreira, C., Morimoto, M., Baker, E. H., Yang, J., Gourdine, J. F., Brush, M., Haendel, M., Ashley, E. A., Bernstein, J. A., Sampson, J. B., Zastrow, D. B., Friedman, N. D., Merker, J. D., McCormack, C. E., Fisher, P. G., Davidson, J. M., Dries, A. M., Enns, G. M., Majcherska, M. M., Reuter, C. M., Waggott, D. M., Kohler, J. N., Coakley, T. R., Smith, K. S., Wheeler, M. T., Bonner, D., Fernandez, L., Hom, J., Huang, Y., Marwaha, S., Zhao, C., Martinez-Agosto, J. A., Dell'Angelica, E. C., Papp, J. C., Douine, E. D., Nelson, S. F., Martin, M. G., Palmer, C., Parker, N. H., Butte, M. J., Yoon, A. J., Loo, S. K., Fogel, B. L., Dipple, K. M., Sinsheimer, J. S., Allard, P., Barseghyan, H., Dorrani, N., Lee, H., Vilain, E., Eskin, A., Renteria, G., Signer, R., Wan, J., Zheng, A., Westerfield, M., Phillips, J. A., Cogan, J. D., Newman, J. H., Robertson, A. K., Hamid, R., Bican, A., Brokamp, E., Duncan, L., Kozuira, M., Rives, L., Shakachite, L., Waters, K. M., Webb-Robertson, B. M., Koeller, D. M., Metz, T. O., Undiagnosed Dis Network 2021; 8 (1): 114


Every year individuals experience symptoms that remain undiagnosed by healthcare providers. In the United States, these rare diseases are defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 individuals. However, there are an estimated 7000 rare diseases, and there are an estimated 25-30 million Americans in total (7.6-9.2% of the population as of 2018) affected by such disorders. The NIH Common Fund Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) seeks to provide diagnoses for individuals with undiagnosed disease. Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics analyses could advance the collective understanding of individual symptoms and advance diagnoses for individuals with heretofore undiagnosed disease. Here, we report the mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics analyses of blood plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid from 148 patients within the UDN and their families, as well as from a reference population of over 100 individuals with no known metabolic diseases. The raw and processed data are available to the research community so that they might be useful in the diagnoses of current or future patients suffering from undiagnosed disorders.

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