Immunotherapy for Chordoma and Chondrosarcoma: Current Evidence. Cancers Traylor, J. I., Pernik, M. N., Plitt, A. R., Lim, M., Garzon-Muvdi, T. 2021; 13 (10)


Chordomas and chondrosarcomas are rare but devastating neoplasms that are characterized by chemoradiation resistance. For both tumors, surgical resection is the cornerstone of management. Immunotherapy agents are increasingly improving outcomes in multiple cancer subtypes and are being explored in chordoma and chondrosarcoma alike. In chordoma, brachyury has been identified as a prominent biomarker and potential molecular immunotherapy target as well as PD-1 inhibition. While studies on immunotherapy in chondrosarcoma are sparse, there is emerging evidence and ongoing clinical trials for PD-1 as well as IDH inhibitors. This review highlights potential biomarkers and targets for immunotherapy in chordoma and chondrosarcoma, as well as current clinical evidence and ongoing trials.

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