Neuroendocrine liver metastases: The role of liver transplantation. Transplantation reviews (Orlando, Fla.) D'Amico, G., Uso, T. D., Del Prete, L., Hashimoto, K., Aucejo, F. N., Fujiki, M., Eghtesad, B., Sasaki, K., David Kwon, C. H., Miller, C. M., Quintini, C. 2021; 35 (2): 100595


Neuroendocrine tumor (NET) metastasis localized to the liver is an accepted indication for liver transplantation as such tumors have a low biological aggressiveness in terms of malignancy and are slow growing.The long-term results are comparable with and in some cases even better than those of transplantations performed for primary liver cancer. However, compared with nonmalignant conditions, neuroendocrine liver metastasis (NELM) may result in an inferior outcome of transplantation. In the face of the scarcity of donated organs and recent improved results of non-surgical treatment for NELM, controversy over patient selection and timing for liver transplantation continues.In this review, we provide an overview of the diagnostic work-up and selection criteria of patients with NELM being considered for liver transplantation. Thereafter, we provide a critical analysis of the reported outcomes of OLT.

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