Cost-effectiveness of tunneled peritoneal catheters versus repeat paracenteses for recurrent ascites in gynecologic malignancies. Gynecologic oncology Wu, X., Keller, E. J., Rabei, R., Rockwell, H., Beeson, S., Heller, M., Kothary, N. 1800


OBJECTIVE: To compare the cost-effectiveness of tunneled peritoneal catheter (TPC) versus repeated large-volume paracentesis (LVP) for patients with recurrent ascites secondary to gynecological malignancy.METHODS: A retrospective cohort study was performed at a single institution from 2016 through 2019 of patients with recurrent ascites from gynecologic malignancies that underwent either TPC or LVP. Data on procedural complications and hospital admissions were extracted. A cost-effectiveness analysis with Markov modeling was performed comparing TPC and LVP. Statistical analyses include base case calculation, Monte Carlo simulations and deterministic sensitivity analyses.RESULTS: There were no significant differences between the cohorts in the average number of hospital days (p = 0.21) or emergency department visits (p = 0.69) related to ascites. Palliative care was more often involved in the care of patients who had a TPC. The base case calculation showed TPC to be the more cost-effective strategy with a slightly lower health benefit (0.22980 versus 0.22982 QALY) and lower cost ($3043 versus $3868) relative to LVP (ICER of LVP compared to TPC: $44,863,103/QALY). Probabilistic sensitivity analysis showed TPC was the more cost-effective strategy in 8028/10,000 simulations. Deterministic sensitivity analysis showed TPC to be more cost-effective if its complication risk was >0.81% per 22 days or its procedural cost of TPC insertion was >$1997. When varying the cost of complications, TPC was more cost-effective if the cost of its complication was less than $49,202.CONCLUSIONS: TPC is the more cost-effective strategy when compared to LVP in patients with recurrent ascites from gynecological malignancy.

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