Causative Variants for Inherited Cardiac Conditions in a Southeast Asian Population Cohort. Circulation. Genomic and precision medicine Tomar, S., Klinzing, D. C., Kit, C. C., Gan, L. H., Moscarello, T., Reuter, C., Ashley, E. A., Foo, R. 2022: CIRCGEN121003536


BACKGROUND: Variable penetrance and late-onset phenotypes are key challenges for classifying causal as well as incidental findings in inherited cardiac conditions. Allele frequencies of variants in ancestry-specific populations, along with clinical variant analysis and interpretation, are critical to determine their true significance.METHODS: Here, we carefully reviewed and classified variants in genes associated with inherited cardiac conditions based on a population whole-genome sequencing cohort of 4810 Singaporeans representing Southeast Asian ancestries.RESULTS: Eighty-nine (1.85%) individuals carried either pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants across 25 genes. 51.7% had variants in causal genes for familial hyperlipidemia, but there were also recurrent variants in SCN5A and MYBPC3, causal genes for inherited arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy, which, despite previous reports, we determined to lack criteria for pathogenicity.CONCLUSIONS: Our findings highlight the incidence of disease-related variants in inherited cardiac conditions and emphasize the value of large-scale sequencing in specific ancestries. Follow-up detailed phenotyping and analysis of pedigrees are crucial because assigning pathogenicity will significantly affect clinical management for individuals and their family members.

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