Launching a successful transradial program. journal of invasive cardiology Tremmel, J. A. 2009; 21 (8): 3A-10A


There is an increasing interest in performing transradial (TR) procedures in the United States, but with so few experienced operators, developing a TR program often means figuring out a lot on one's own. Certain necessary fundamentals - including a good reason for doing procedures transradially, getting adequate training, gaining the support of cath lab staff, using the right equipment, and having patience and perseverance through learning and change - improve the chances of success. In discussing each of these fundamentals, this article reviews the advantages of a radial approach compared with a femoral approach; describes ways to acquire TR training; stresses the importance of involving nurses, technicians, administrators, and colleagues in the process; encourages the use of designated radial equipment for enhancing success; and demonstrates the learning curve by describing a single operator experience during the first year of launching a TR program.

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