Revealing the human mucinome. Nature communications Malaker, S. A., Riley, N. M., Shon, D. J., Pedram, K., Krishnan, V., Dorigo, O., Bertozzi, C. R. 2022; 13 (1): 3542


Mucin domains are densely O-glycosylated modular protein domains found in various extracellular and transmembrane proteins. Mucin-domain glycoproteins play important roles in many human diseases, such as cancer and cystic fibrosis, but the scope of the mucinome remains poorly defined. Recently, we characterized a bacterial O-glycoprotease, StcE, and demonstrated that an inactive point mutant retains binding selectivity for mucin-domain glycoproteins. In this work, we leverage inactive StcE to selectively enrich and identify mucin-domain glycoproteins from complex samples like cell lysate and crude ovarian cancer patient ascites fluid. Our enrichment strategy is further aided by an algorithm to assign confidence to mucin-domain glycoprotein identifications. This mucinomics platform facilitates detection of hundreds of glycopeptides from mucin domains and highly overlapping populations of mucin-domain glycoproteins from ovarian cancer patients. Ultimately, we demonstrate our mucinomics approach can reveal key molecular signatures of cancer from in vitro and ex vivo sources.

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