Proportion of malignancy in Bosniak classification of cystic renal masses version 2019 (v2019) classes: systematic review and meta-analysis. European radiology McGrath, T. A., Bai, X., Kamaya, A., Park, K. J., Park, M. Y., Tse, J. R., Wang, H., McInnes, M. D., Schieda, N. 2022


Determine the proportion of malignancy within Bosniak v2019 classes.MEDLINE and EMBASE were searched. Eligible studies contained patients with cystic renal masses undergoing CT or MRI renal protocol examinations with pathology confirmation, applying Bosniak v2019. Proportion of malignancy was estimated within Bosniak v2019 class. Risk of bias was assessed using QUADAS-2.We included 471 patients with 480 cystic renal masses. No class I malignant masses were observed. Pooled proportion of malignancy were class II, 12% (6/51, 95% CI 5-24%); class IIF, 46% (37/85, 95% CI 28-66%); class III, 79% (138/173, 95% CI 68-88%); and class IV, 84% (114/135, 95% CI 77-90%). Proportion of malignancy differed between Bosniak v2019 II-IV classes (p = 0.004). Four studies reported the proportion of malignancy by wall/septa feature. The pooled proportion of malignancy with 95% CI were class III thick smooth wall/septa, 77% (41/56, 95% CI 53-91%); class III obtuse protrusion = 3 mm (irregularity), 83% (97/117, 95% CI 75-89%); and class IV nodule with acute angulation, 86% (50/58, 95% CI 75-93%) or obtuse angulation = 4 mm, 83%, (64/77, 95% CI 73-90%). Subgroup analysis by wall/septa feature was limited by sample size; however, no differences were found comparing class III masses with irregularity to class IV masses (p = 0.74) or between class IV masses by acute versus obtuse angles (p = 0.62).Preliminary data suggest Bosniak v2019 class IIF masses have higher proportion of malignancy compared to the original classification, controlling for pathologic reference standard. There are no differences in proportion of malignancy comparing class III masses with irregularities to class IV masses with acute or obtuse nodules.• The proportion of malignancy in Bosniak v2019 class IIF cystic masses is 46% (37 malignant/85 total IIF masses, 95% confidence intervals (CI) 28-66%). • The proportion of malignancy in Bosniak v2019 class III cystic masses is 79% (138/173, 95% CI 68-88%) and in Bosniak v2019 class IV cystic masses is 84% (114/135, 95% CI 77-90%). • Class III cystic masses with irregularities had similar proportion of malignancy (83%, 97/117, 95% CI 75-89%) compared to Bosniak class IV masses (84%, 114/135, 95% CI 77-90%) overall (p = 0.74) with no difference within class IV masses by acute versus obtuse angulation (p = 0.62).

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