Effect of altered human exposome on the skin and mucosal epithelial barrier integrity. Tissue barriers Pat, Y., Ogulur, I., Yazici, D., Mitamura, Y., Cevhertas, L., Kucukkase, O. C., Mesisser, S. S., Akdis, M., Nadeau, K., Akdis, C. A. 2022: 2133877


Pollution in the world and exposure of humans and nature to toxic substances is continuously worsening at a rapid pace. In the last 60years, human and domestic animal health has been challenged by continuous exposure to toxic substances and pollutants because of uncontrolled growth, modernization, and industrialization. More than 350,000 new chemicals have been introduced to our lives, mostly without any reasonable control of their health effects and toxicity. A plethora of studies show exposure to these harmful substances during this period with their implications on the skin and mucosal epithelial barrier and increasing prevalence of allergic and autoimmune diseases in the context of the "epithelial barrier hypothesis". Exposure to these substances causes an epithelial injury with peri-epithelial inflammation, microbial dysbiosis and bacterial translocation to sub-epithelial areas, and immune response to dysbiotic bacteria. Here, we provide scientific evidence on the altered human exposome and its impact on epithelial barriers.

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