Quality of Web-Based Patient Information on Robotic Radical Cystectomy Remains Poor: A Standardized Assessment. Urology practice Pandolfo, S. D., Aveta, A., Loizzo, D., Crocerossa, F., La Rocca, R., Del Giudice, F., Chung, B. I., Wu, Z., Lucarelli, G., Mirone, V., Imbimbo, C., Autorino, R. 2022; 9 (5): 498-503


Patients frequently use the Web to obtain health information. This trend increased during the COVID19 pandemic. We aimed to assess the quality of Web-based information on robot-assisted radical cystectomy.A Web search was conducted in November 2021 using the 3 most common engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo). Search terms were "robotic cystectomy," "robot-assisted cystectomy," and "robotic radical cystectomy." The top 25 results generated for each term by each search engine were included. Duplicate pages, pages advertised, and pages with paywall access were excluded. Selected websites were classified as academic, physician, commercial, and unspecified. The quality of site contents was evaluated using the DISCERN and Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) assessment instruments, and HONcode (Health on the Net Foundation) seal and reference presence. Flesch Reading Ease Score was used for readability assessment.Of the 225 sites examined only 34 were eligible for analysis, including 35.3% classified as "academic," 44.1% "physician," 11.8% "commercial," and 8.8% "unspecified." Average±SD DISCERN and JAMA scores were 45.5±15.7 and 1.9±1.1, respectively. Commercial websites had the highest DISCERN and JAMA scores with a mean±SD of 64.7±8.7 and 3.6±0.5, respectively. Physician websites had a significantly lower JAMA mean score than commercial ones (p <0.001). Six websites had HONcode seals and 10 reported references. Readability was difficult as it was at the level of college graduate.As the role of robot-assisted radical cystectomy continues to grow worldwide, the overall quality of Web-based information related to this procedure remains poor. An effort should be made by health care providers to assure patients can have better access to reliable and readable informational material.

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