CLINICAL OUTCOMES OF PERORAL ENDOSCOPIC MYOTOMY (POEM) IN PATIENTS WITH SPASTIC ESOPHAGEAL MOTILITY DISORDERS ON CHRONIC OPIOID USE: A MULTICENTER STUDY Fawwaz, B., Gorrepati, V., Forde, J., Canakis, A., Gerges, P., Farooq, A., Kim, R., Ma, M., Benias, P., Che, S., Ujiki, M., Li, A., Hwang, J., Eke, C., Kedia, P., Hayat, M., Inayat, I., Khalaf, M., Othman, M., Jawaid, S., Hasan, M., Draganov, P., Yang, D. MOSBY-ELSEVIER. 2023: AB1083-AB1084

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