Arthroscopic repair of the scapholunate interosseous ligament. Techniques in hand & upper extremity surgery Stuffmann, E. S., McAdams, T. R., Shah, R. P., Yao, J. 2010; 14 (4): 204-208


Scapholunate injuries are the most frequent of the intercarpal ligament injuries in the wrist. Current repair methods generally involve an open approach the dorsal capsule of the wrist. Arthroscopic repair of the dorsal portion of the scapholunate interosseus ligament would carry the advantages of less stiffness and would preserve the important dorsal capsular stabilizers. In the development of this technique, we first sought to determine the anatomic location and accessibility of the dorsal scapholunate ligament and the site in which a suture anchor would be placed. Ten fresh-frozen cadaver limbs were used. With the arthroscope in the 4 to 5 portal, the most dorsal portion of the SLIL was visualized in each specimen. K-wires were inserted through the 3 to 4 portal into the scaphoid adjacent to most distal portion of the dSLIL visualized. All limbs were dissected and the location of the wires relative to the prominence on the scaphoid directly adjacent to the central portion of the dSLIL was measured. The location of the prominence relative to the dSLIL was studied through magnified photography of a stained section of a cadaveric scaphoid. The mean distance of these wires distal to the center of the dSLIL is presented. Then the technique of arthroscopic repair of the dSLIL was developed using additional cadaveric wrist specimens. The technique is described.

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