CyberKnife Team Recognizes 5,000th Patient


From left: Griff Harsh, MD; patient, Lori Brownell; radiation therapist Laurence Jang; and medical physicist Anthony Lo discuss Brownell's CyberKnife treatment.

On September 15, the Stanford Cancer Center CyberKnife Program team joined together in celebrating Lori Brownell as their 5,000th patient. Pictured above (L to R) - Emily Glickman, Social Work Clinician ; Griff Harsh, MD; Laurence Jang, Radiation Therapist; Lori Brownell; Julie Kuznetsov, Director, CyberKnife Program; Iris C. Gibbs, MD; Diana Browder, Nursing Supervisor; Billy Loo, MD; Anthony Lo, Medical Physicist.