Transplants are Never Simple: Collaboration Key to Beating Odds


After years of health eroded by liver disease, Michael Moore has a life he enjoys to the fullest. The journey was not easy, but the comprehensive and collaborative care he found at Stanford Hospital & Clinics made all the difference.

We take care of the whole patient, not just the liver. Life is not static and everything affects everything else.

-Tami Daugherty, MD, Stanford Hospital & Clinics transplant hepatologist

Liver transplant patient Michael Moore loves to be outdoors, and he's healthy enough to be an active volunteer at the Stanford Golf Course.


Understanding Your Liver

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body. It filters toxins from the blood, processes fats, makes proteins, stores some vitamins and minerals, and metabolizes medications. When it fails, many body systems also falter.

Taking Care of Your Liver

• Avoid toxic substances, including industrial chemicals, and excessive alcohol consumption

• Maintain a healthy weight. Don't eat a high proportion of fatty foods.

• Get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B.

Common Causes of Liver Failure

• Cirrhosis, which transforms normal liver tissue into scar tissue.

• Hepatitis A, B, and C vary greatly in behavior, but all can damage the liver.

• Cancer

• Autoimmune system disorders

When to See Your Doctor

• Skin develops a yellow tinge

• Unexplained fatigue

• Swelling of legs

• Easy bruising

About Transplant

• Not everyone who develops a liver disease needs a transplant. Many people are able to manage their disease for years as a chronic illness. When that is no longer possible, then transplant is considered. First, a prospective patient will go through an extensive evaluation to qualify to be on the waiting list. The United Network of Organ Sharing, under a federal contract, maintains that list. The list is ordered by medical need.

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Not only did I have a fleet of the best doctors, but the next generation was there, also learning from the best.

-Michael Moore, transplant patient at Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Michael Moore had the support of friend Lynn, who, like so many others who volunteer to care for transplant patients, kept him going through the tough moments.

I've just been getting better every day. I never thought I would actually get to the point where I feel the way I do.

-Michael Moore, transplant patient at Stanford Hospital & Clinics