- Quit—smoking or just don't start. Smoking accelerates the aging process of the vascular system, constricting and reducing arterial strength.
- If you have a family history of vascular disease, talk to your doctor about screening tests that might be appropriate.

- Maintain a healthy weight. Choose foods with special attention to cholesterol, which is an important part of keeping cell walls properly functioning. But, too much of one type of cholesterol gums up the arteries. Saturated fat, especially in meat and dairy products, can raise the amount of that kind of cholesterol. Reduce your salt intake. Too much causes the vascular system to constrict.

- Exercise—becoming more active on a daily basis—will always support good health. Some research indicates it can even repair vascular damage. Even a 15-minute session of vigorous movement gives the heart, which is a muscle, a useful workout. Increased physical activity also activates certain components in the blood to work against atherosclerosis. It can also reduce stress.