Stanford Medicine achieves 1,000th heart-lung and lung transplant


Alicia Bland, on the waiting list to receive lungs from a donor patient

Transplant surgery in progress

After surgery, there’s a euphoric phase, but being a transplant patient remains a lifelong commitment.

-Gundeep Dhillon, MD, transplant pulmonologist and medical director

Alicia Bland, transplant recipient (left), Gundeep Dhillon, MD, her transplant pulmonologist (right)

It’s challenging, but it’s very rewarding to see somebody who can’t breathe comfortably, go home and not need any supplemental oxygen.

-Gundeep Dhillon, MD, transplant pulmonologist

I told my mother, don’t cry. God had a different plan for me.

-Alicia Bland, transplant recipient

Alicia, you’re doing great. Your lungs look beautiful.

-Gundeep Dhillon, MD