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For cardiovascular health, you're really looking to consume less animal fat and animal protein and more fiber and whole, unprocessed foods.

-Leah Groppo, Stanford Health Care dietitian
Registered Dietitian Jessica Shipley Shows How To Start the Day with an Easy Meal Prep Breakfast
Jessica offers time saving techniques to meal prep for breakfast. She illustrates ways to not only be efficient, but also have a nutritious and flavorful meal. Learn how to make Banana Almond Muffins, Chia & Flax “Noatmeal, Breakfast Egg Muffins and Berry & Walnut Overnight Oats with Chia all in this session. Featured Recipes: https://healthlibrary.stanford.edu/video/diabetes-video.html#shipleyrecipes Presenter: Jessica Shipley, MS, RD, CDCES Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and Registered Dietitian at Stanford Health Care This presentation is part of the Diabetes Wellness Group Monthly Webinar from the Stanford Medicine Diabetes Care Program. Webinars are free and open to adults with diabetes and their families. Register for future webinars: https://healthlibrary.stanford.edu/lectures-events.html 0:00 – 2:23 Introduction 2:23 – 10:59 Breakfast Egg Muffins with Sautéed Veggies and Cheese 10:59 – 11:33 Nutrition for Breakfast Egg Muffins Variations 11:33 – 21:41 Preparation of Banana Almond Mini Muffins 18:47 – 18:57 Carbohydrates in Banana Almond Mini Muffins 18:57 – 21:41 Baking of Banana Almond Mini Muffins 21:41 – 25:36 Basic Overnight Oats with Chia Cooking Demo 25:36 – 28:18 Sweetening Overnight Oats without added sugars 28:18 – 29:05 Nutrition for Berry & Almond Overnight Oats with Chia 29:05 – 32:05 Chia and Flax “Noatmeal” 32:05 – 32:37 Nutrition for Chia and Flax “Noatmeal” 32:37 – 34:21 Finished Banana Almond Mini Muffin, storage, and breakfast pairing idea 34:21 – 36:12 Finished Egg Muffins, storage, and breakfast pairing idea 36:13 – 36:43 Finished Overnight Oats 36:43 – 37:08 Finished Chia and Flax “Noatmeal” 37:08 – 41:00 Concluding Remarks Learn about Stanford's Diabetes Care Program https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-clinics/diabetes-care.html Want to know more? Ask Us. Our medical librarians are here to help you find reliable information to answer your health-related questions. We use a variety of the most current, scientifically based resources to answer your specific questions and will send you a research packet tailored to you. This is a free service open to everyone. https://healthlibrary.stanford.edu/research-services.html Take 5 minutes for yourself. Check out Stanford Health Library's free mindfulness and meditation resources including guided meditations to help ease pain, aid in healthful sleep, promote successful surgery, and more: https://healthlibrary.stanford.edu/books-resources/mindfulness-meditation.html

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