10 Things to Know about the Latest Recommendation for Colorectal Cancer Screenings


What is the most significant finding of this final recommendation?
There are multiple screening options for colorectal cancer. What are they and how should individuals decide which is best for them?
The Task Force found that once adults reach 76 years old, the benefits of screening become smaller and the potential for harm is greater. Why is this and how should older Americans determine which test is best for them?
African-Americans have the highest incidence of and mortality rates from colorectal cancer among all racial and ethnic subgroups. Why are African-Americans more susceptible and does this mean that the screening recommendations differ for them?
What data did the Task Force use to come to its conclusions?
Who is at high risk for colorectal cancer?
How can precision health help colorectal cancer prevention?
What can help reduce one’s risk for colorectal cancer?
What symptoms usually present for patients with polyps or colorectal cancer?
What treatment options are available for people diagnosed with colorectal cancer? How have these options changed over time?