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Hypoxia occurs when you are oxygen-deprived which is a regular occurrence for many people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Our researchers are exploring the effects of Hypoxia (decreased Oxygen) and Hypercapnea (excess Carbon Dioxide) on individuals by performing a breathing test and also collecting questionnaire data and blood samples. We hope to identify the environmental and genetic factors involved in breathing regulation in response to slight changes in the oxygen and /or carbon dioxide levels in the blood. Identifying such factors will be a milestone in our understanding of breathing control disorders like sleep apnea and will open a window for the development of new treatment options for this common disorder.

Please note this is not a Sleep Apnea study, but rather a study to understand biological factors which also are in play in Sleep Apnea. The test is conducted on participants while awake.

Recruitment for this study is currently on hold.