Teaching Urologists "How to Read Multi-Parametric Prostate MRIs Using PIRADSv2": Results of an iBook Pilot Study. Urology Wang, N. N., Fan, R. E., Ghanouni, P. n., Sonn, G. A. 2019


To create an online resource that teaches urologists how to interpret prostate multi-parametric MRIs (mpMRI). As prostate mpMRI becomes widely adopted for cancer diagnosis and targeted biopsy, it is increasingly important that urologists are comfortable and experienced in assessing the images. The purpose of this study was to create an online mpMRI ibook and measure its effect on instilling proficiency amongst urology residents.We created a case-based ibook aimed at teaching clinicians how to identify and score prostate lesions on mpMRI using the Prostate Imaging and Reporting Data System (PIRADS) v2. Residents completed a 43-question pre-test before gaining access to the ibook for one month. The test asks participants to identify and score visible lesions using interactive mpMRI images. After a formal review of the material, they completed a post-test. Participants also rated their diagnostic confidence on a scale of 1 to 10 before and after reviewing the ibook. The change in performance and confidence scores for each resident was compared using Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test.Eleven urology residents completed the pre-test, review session and post-test. The mean test score rose from 37% (median 40%) to 57% (median 58%) after reviewing the ibook. Improvement was significant (p=0.0039). Confidence scores also improved (p=0.001).We created an interactive ibook that teaches urologists how to evaluate prostate mpMRIs and demonstrated improved performance in interpretation amongst urology residents. This effective module can be incorporated into resident education on a national level and offered as a self-teaching resource for practicing urologists.

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