National Eye Institute Biorepository for Retinal Diseases

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Background: - To understand diseases of the retina and the eye, information is needed about people with and without such diseases. Researchers want to study these people and follow them over time. They also want to study body tissues and blood to understand the nature of eye disease. Studying genes, cells, and tissues may help them understand why some people get eye problems and others do not, or why some people respond to treatment while others do not. Researchers want to collect physical samples and personal data to develop a National Eye Institute database. Objectives: - To collect health information and blood and tissue samples from people with and without eye diseases, to be used in research studies. Eligibility: * Individuals of any age with different types of eye disease. * Healthy volunteers with no history of eye disease. Design: * Participants may be recruited from National Eye Institute studies or may be referred from other sources. * Participants will be screened with a physical exam and medical history. They will also have a full eye exam. Questions will be asked about family medical history, especially about eye disease. * Blood samples will be collected. Other samples, such as saliva, tears, hair, stool, and urine, may be collected as needed. Adult participants may also provide a skin sample. * Tissue or fluid from eye collected as part of eye care or treatment may also be added to the database. * No treatment will be provided as part of this study.

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NEI Intramural Biorepository for Retinal Diseases

Eligibility Criteria

Ages Eligible for Study: Older than 2 Years
Sexes Eligible for Study: ALL
Accepts Healthy Volunteers: Yes


Vinit B. Mahajan, MD, PhD