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Offering the Stanford Health Care experience with the convenience of a local community clinic, our doctors specialize in diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and arthritis, and joint replacement.

Los Gatos Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic
555 Knowles Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95032
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555 Knowles Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone: 408-866-6651 Getting Here

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Patient Testimonials

Matt Miller, MD

“I had knee replacement in June on my left knee. Driving in 10 days, no drugs, pain level 1-2 at best. Just had right knee done (September) two weeks out driving and pretty much back to normal. Dr. Miller is the best of the best. Would highly recommend him and have. The knee done in June, the scar is almost invisible after only three months. He does not rush you and answers all questions. Highly recommend. I am 67-years-old.” – C.G.

“I recently had a total hip replacement after enduring more than two years of horrendous arthritic pain. Dr. Miller and each person on his staff, with whom I interacted, are 5-star in my book. Dr. Miller and his staff to a person are kind, caring, completely professional and immediately attentive to my every need. I was so terribly apprehensive, having never had any surgery, or even been on any medication in my 69 years. I was afraid of not waking up, and if I did, that the pain would be unbearable.”

“Dr. Miller has perfect anesthesia options, makes minimal incisions, and sees to your pain management before you even make up. Before surgery my pain level was 7-8. Waking up, I had 0 pain. In the four weeks since, my pain level has remained at 0-1. I only found Dr. Miller by accident – how very grateful I am!” – C.B.

“Dr. Miller is an amazing person. I need a total hip replacement and was fearful of the pain and put it off. It turned out, Dr. Miller is an expert in pain. I can honestly say that I had very little pain. On a scale of 1-10, during my hospital stay, the highest I reached was 3. Dr. Miller always put me at ease and his staff worked well to make sure I had my prescriptions before my surgery.”

“I made sure to follow all the hip literature and booklets. I attended a hip class prior, which I highly recommend, and thus my visits with Dr. Miller went smoothly, as my questions were not redundant. While in the hospital, Dr. Miller checked on me every day. After being released, I took the medications as prescribed, which eased my recovery. After surgery, I completed six weeks of physical therapy, as per his request. I even kept a journal, making my progress. I just passed my three-month anniversary since my hip replacement, now, I am walking, lap swimming, dancing, shopping, picking up and caring for my grand baby and back to working a full day, pain free!” – Y.J.

"Dr. Miller is wonderful. What more do I want. No pain!! Hip hip hooray! I love him." – L.M.

"God bless you for giving me a new hip! I pray every day for you and your good work. Many, many thanks." – Sister M.

"Thank you for your care, patience, kindness and professionalism. It was all good and my leg is straight. I am doing great!" – A.D.

"We want to thank you for making it possible for our mother to walk and live life with new optimism. With her new knee, she feels rejuvenated and embraces traveling, keeping up with the grandkids, and her future with high hopes. We are grateful for all of your hard work, patience and pleasantness throughout this whole process. It feels great to be in such good hands." – S.H.

Zack Vaughn, MD

Hip surgery patient

"Thank you, Dr. Vaughn, for being so kind and understanding. I might not have gone through with the hip surgery, if not for you. Thank God I did. I feel so much better. Sure wish we had more doctors like you!" – G.P.

Knee injury patient

"I did not know about the clinic until I had wasted many days trying to get an appointment elsewhere. One of the easiest scheduling and appointments I've ever had!" – S.B.

Rotator cuff repair patient

"I worked for Stanford University Medical Center for 10 years and it is comforting and rewarding to know that Stanford still is producing the finest skilled professionals in the world. Dr. Vaughn was totally patient and completely thorough in answering all my questions and putting me totally at ease, both before and after the surgery on my rotator cuff. He made himself totally available to me in assuring that I was always welcome to come in and discuss all the procedures and outcomes. Thank you again, Dr. Vaughn!" – D.M.

Wrist fracture patient

"I have never been in a more comfortable and professional office and would recommend Dr. Vaughn 100% to anyone who needs orthopaedic help!" – C.H.

Knee injury patient

"Given that I have been practicing physical therapy for seven years, I have worked with numerous orthopaedic doctors. I was very impressed with his bedside manner, ability to look at the full scale of my knee issues and work together for the best outcomes. I won't hesitate to recommend him and his staff to my family, friends and all my patients." – T.B. 

Shoulder surgery patient

"Dr. Vaughn was very thorough and made me feel completely comfortable leading up to my surgery. Aside from answering all my questions, he provided me with great tips and information for rehabbing my shoulder. I am about five months out from my surgery and my shoulder feels terrific! Thank you, Dr. Vaughn!" – A.G.

Wrist surgery patient

"I would highly recommend Dr. Vaughn! He is very knowledgable, compassionate and gentle. His staff is great, very polite and helpful. After meeting Dr. Vaughn, there is never a reason to go anywhere else. Thank you for everything, Dr. Vaughn!" – B.O.

Shoulder surgery patient

"Superior care before, during and after surgery. Dr. Vaughn is an outstanding doctor and surgeon and receives my highest recommendation." – J.L.

Mentor and colleague

"I would trust him to operate on any of my family members!" – G.F., MD

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