Strong For Life, a Free Exercise Program Through Stanford Hospital's Aging Adult Services


Strong For Life (SFL) is a free exercise program offered through Aging Adult Services at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. SFL is an easy to follow exercise routine designed to improve strength, function, and balance in older adults with or without limitations.

Video Transcript

0:00 them dream you need an exercise no matter what age you are and what
0:07 physical shape you're in
0:08 this incorporates getting all those muscles moving some stretching
0:14 I I'm trying to get on my friends you at when I first heard about this class
0:19 I thought it was going to be concerned about twenty class
0:22 and I got not going to be any big deal but not so
0:27 everybody's roughly in the same place when I thank you Josh
0:32 I can and it's very encouraging to see others
0:36 rhd means where r from one I
0:40 what is wrong for life I well structure like is an exercise program
0:46 poor I older adults remember normally
0:49 not particularly active they tend to be somewhat frail
0:52 the programs offered to Stamford Hospital its
0:55 I am ongoing program a resistance training we use their bands
1:00 resistance bands and they come in a variety of strengths
1:03 and we go through a series a 10 to 12
1:07 strengthening exercises each week and as participants get stronger
1:11 they change the color of their band which increases the resistance
1:15 so they can continue to get stronger and stronger as the as the program goes on
1:18 the participants in strong for life come from a wide range
1:22 I'll communities summer disable and some patients don't have any
1:26 medical problem they just want to be strong and independent home
1:30 I her home hardware
1:34 I believe Stanford Hospital feels that strong pro-life
1:37 is one of the most important programs in the community individuals older adults
1:42 over the age of 60
1:43 will be more independent in their home their functional status will improve all
1:48 their daily activities are enhanced by using this
1:51 muscle strengthening exercise program
1:54 and we feel that keeping individual safe in their home
1:59 independent is a really important game you know a lot of times in our culture
2:03 you know as we get older we just become inactive
2:06 you know and more sedentary especially as people
2:09 get you know into the seventies and eighties they're concerned about keeping
2:13 their independence
2:14 and to have a program like this where
2:17 you can maintain your strength and built a shrine its
2:20 key to maintaining independence as an older person
2:24 I think this is the best see at best
2:27 mom workout program that I've come across
2:31 %uh everybody can do it no matter what your limitations are
2:36 I am so impressed with his class and how much better I feel
2:40 I feel more energetic and strong on
2:43 I just feel like I'm ton from head to toe yeah
2:47 I thought walking the dogs would be enough exercise but after coming here
2:50 and finding out the muscles
2:52 that are getting weren't here we're just so thankful to Stanford for doing this
2:57 Kings yet at minimum
3:05 home
3:09 up