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What We Offer You for Chest Wall Surgery

Pectus Excavatum

Pectus Carinatum

Poland Syndrome

Poland syndrome affects approximately 1/30,000 people. It can include:

  • Absence of part or all of the muscles of the chest wall
  • Absence of breast tissue or nipple deformities
  • Fusion (syndactyly) or shortening (brachydactyly) of the fingers and toes
  • Absent armpit hair and limited fat layer under the skin

Sternal Cleft

A sternal cleft is a gap in the sternum, also known as the breastbone, that can span part or the entire length of the bone. 

It is a rare condition that can be associated with structural abnormalities of the heart and abdominal wall. The gap in the sternum may affect normal breathing. It can also fail to protect underlying organs, like the heart and lungs.

Tumors of the Chest Wall

We provide expert surgical care for patients with benign or cancerous tumors involving the chest wall. 

Care is coordinated with cancer experts, since tumors may require treatment before or after surgery. Advanced imaging techniques and custom prostheses are used to achieve the best outcome while maintaining function and appearance.

Nuss Procedure

Nuss Procedure

Ravitch Procedure

Your Care Team

Our team offers advanced procedures in thoracic surgery.

Extended Care Team

The Stanford Health Care Chest Wall Surgery Program provides seamless access to all of our care services, from diagnostic evaluation to treatment to follow-up care. To learn more, please click the location nearest to you on the map.

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