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Diabetes Wellness Group Monthly Webinar

The Stanford Medicine Diabetes Care Program offers a monthly webinar for adults with diabetes and their families. Each month, an educational offering is provided by an expert on the featured topics. The moderate webinar series can be viewed live on the Stanford University Zoom platform. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and gain information.

Featured Topics for 2022 

6/9/22: Glucose monitoring & Medication Safety
Michael Blyumin - PharmD

7/14/22: Mindful Eating
Catherine Hu - RD, CDCES

8/11/22: Summer Cool Carb Controlled Snacks
Jessica Shipley - MS, RD, CDCES

9/8/22: Yoga - Connecting Body & Mind
Tracy Taylor - RD, CDCES

10/13/22: Impact Exercise Has on Blood Glucose
Dr. Marina Basina - MD

11/10/22: Cooking and Measuring Out Healthy Portions of Carbs
Andrea Wolfe - RD

12/8/22: Healthy Holiday Treats & Eats
Gina Milano – RD

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Event Details

5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Webinars occur the second Thursday of each month


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