Heart Transplant Peer to Peer Support Program

The goal of the Peer to Peer Support Program is to broaden healthcare for patients and families through the unique support and understanding of peer-to-peer mentoring, to foster happier, healthier lives and reduce feelings of isolation.

Peers mentors are carefully selected, trained and supported volunteers. They help other patients and their support circle address the challenges related to a disease or medical condition.

In this program, you are linked with a mentor who shares similar health and life circumstances. Through these trusted relationships, mentors provide support in many ways:

  • They listen to concerns
  • They share personal experiences
  • They serve as a resource for developing coping strategies
  • They provide guidance in negotiating healthcare systems

Peer mentors help patients and caregivers during the difficult waiting period for a donor heart and throughout the transplant process and recovery time.

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Stanford Hospital

300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

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For more information please contact Anne Heideck LCSW, MPH, Peer to Peer Program Coordinator 650-474-1011