Love Yourself: For Everyone Else's Sake

Led by:
Mark Abramson, DDS

Love Yourself: For Everyone Else's Sake is a six-week program designed to nourish your whole self so that you increase your capacity to give love and care to others.

Class members will participate in guided exercises once a week, orchestrating your body, mind and soul into a self-nourishing whole person, strengthening your ability to give love to others by loving yourself (first).

Who Should Attend?

Have you ever viewed the idea of self-love as selfish? How many times have you postponed taking care of yourself because of your need to take care of other people (or things)? What does your inner voice say to you when you consider nourishing yourself?

For many of us, our need for giving to others has produced an odd belief that we must give to others before we give to ourselves, regardless of our current ability to give the quality and amount of care to others we seek.

About the instructor

Mark Abramson, DDS, is founder and facilitator of Stanford's Mindfulness Meditation stress reduction program. Dr. Abramson has practiced dentistry in the Bay Area for more than twenty years, and is renowned for his innovative non-drug oriented care in the treatment of chronic pain and temporomandibular disorders. He has lectured throughout the country on orofacial pain treatment and led meditation retreats for a variety of wellness audiences. He also teaches a quarterly class on Mindfulness Meditation.

Event Details

Hoover Pavilion Campus
2nd Floor, Conference Room #208

211 Quarry Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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