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The Center for Advanced Practice is proud to offer its 7th annual conference designed to review evidence-based practice updates on a variety of topics in acute and ambulatory care.

This course will employ a case-based teaching style to explore current diagnostic evaluation tools, updated guidelines, and treatment strategies that are relevant to advanced practice providers.

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Oncology Updates for Advanced Practice Providers

This course is designed for experienced health care providers caring for Oncology patients whom are seeking to advance their knowledge about immunotherapy, cancer genomics, hereditary genetics, bone health, management of skin toxicity, new interventional approaches to care treatment, and best practices.

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Controlled Substances and Beyond

The Center for Advanced Practice presents The Pain Puzzle, a Comprehensive Overview, an advanced practice program focusing on the principles of pharmacology in relation to schedule II-V controlled substances.

The course explores evaluation, treatment management and standardized procedures and protocols of controlled substances, with an emphasis on schedule 2. 

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