Eusorbents and Eusorption: A Review of Physiological Events to Therapeutic Concepts JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF NUTRITION Wapnir, R. A., Wapnir, I., Lifshitz, F. 2011; 30 (1): 1-10


Eusorbents are considered the exogenous substances that facilitate and enhance intestinal absorption. Eusorption is the process by which eusorbents affect the mechanisms of intestinal absorption. These 2 concepts should be distinguished from the well-known probiotics and prebiotics that may also play a role in benefiting the host. This review covers the eusorption paradigm in the optimization of oral rehydration and the treatment of diarrhea. The various factors that influence the validity of eusorbents to facilitate the eusorption were considered (i.e., viscosity, hydrating agents, and minerals such as zinc). The role of surface tension in solute absorption was addressed. The possible effects that eusorbents could play in the gene activation of the intestinal mucosa were also considered. This review should contribute to the understanding of absorptive enhancements of specific substances and their properties that facilitate the desired effects in health and disease.

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