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Combined respiratory and cardiac triggering improves blood pool contrast-enhanced pediatric cardiovascular MRI PEDIATRIC RADIOLOGY Vasanawala, S. S., Chan, F. P., Newman, B., Alley, M. T. 2011; 41 (12): 1536-1544


Contrast-enhanced cardiac MRA suffers from cardiac motion artifacts and often requires a breath-hold.This work develops and evaluates a blood pool contrast-enhanced combined respiratory- and ECG-triggered MRA method.An SPGR sequence was modified to enable combined cardiac and respiratory triggering on a 1.5-T scanner. Twenty-three consecutive children referred for pediatric heart disease receiving gadofosveset were recruited in HIPAA-compliant fashion with IRB approval and informed consent. Children underwent standard non-triggered contrast-enhanced MRA with or without suspended respiration. Additionally, a free-breathing-triggered MRA was acquired. Triggered and non-triggered studies were presented in blinded random order independently to two radiologists twice. Anatomical structure delineation was graded for each triggered and non-triggered acquisition and the visual quality on triggered MRA was compared directly to that on non-triggered MRA.Triggered images received higher scores from each radiologist for all anatomical structures on each of the two reading sessions (Wilcoxon rank sum test, P?

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