Animal Models for the Mechanistic Study of Systemic Lymphangiomatosis LYMPHATIC RESEARCH AND BIOLOGY Rockson, S. G. 2011; 9 (4): 195-199


The systematic study of focused animal models has produced an explosion of information regarding the mechanisms governing lymphatic development and the diseases associated with lymphatic dysfunction. Nevertheless, the pathogenesis of systemic lymphangiomatosis has, thus far, eluded mechanistic comprehension. In this review, recent molecular advances in lymphatic vascular development are considered within the context of the animal models that have produced evolving insights. The emerging role of the zebrafish within lymphatic investigation is discussed. Specific models of the human disease pathology are considered in detail. While much has been learned about the molecular framework that surrounds normal lymphatic vascular development, the defect responsible for systemic lymphangiomatosis remains elusive. Development of more robust, recapitulative models will also be invaluable to investigate new and emerging therapeutics for the often devastating disease of systemic lymphangiomatosis.

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