3-D Deep Penetration Photoacoustic Imaging with a 2-D CMUT Array. Proceedings. IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium Ma, T., Kothapalli, S. R., Vaithilingam, S., Oralkan, O., Kamaya, A., Wygant, I. O., Zhuang, X., Gambhir, S. S., Jeffrey, R. B., Khuri-Yakub, B. T. 2010; 2010: 375-377


In this work, we demonstrate 3-D photoacoustic imaging of optically absorbing targets embedded as deep as 5 cm inside a highly scattering background medium using a 2-D capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) array with a center frequency of 5.5 MHz. 3-D volumetric images and 2-D maximum intensity projection images are presented to show the objects imaged at different depths. Due to the close proximity of the CMUT to the integrated frontend circuits, the CMUT array imaging system has a low noise floor. This makes the CMUT a promising technology for deep tissue photoacoustic imaging.

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