Human BMP-7/OP-1 induces the growth and differentiation of adipocytes and osteoblasts in bone marrow stromal cell cultures 21st Annual Meeting of the American-Society-for-Bone-and-Mineral-Research Chen, T. L., Shen, W. J., Kraemer, F. B. WILEY-LISS. 2001: 187–99


We studied the effects of BMP-7/OP-1 on growth and differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells. BMS2, a mouse bone marrow stromal cell line capable of differentiating into adipocytes and osteoblasts, were treated in a serum-free medium containing differentiation agents that favor the expression of both lineages. BMP-7/OP-1 stimulated cell proliferation and differentiation concomitantly. These effects were dose- and growth phase-dependent. Cells were more sensitive to the treatment early in the culture (30-40% confluence) with a significant increase in cell proliferation and markers of differentiation at low concentrations. When treated later in the growth phase (90-100% confluence), no significant increase in cell proliferation was seen. The concentration requirement for cells later in the culture to reach an equivalent degree of differentiation was 3-10- fold higher than for cells treated early. In both cases, the effects on adipocyte differentiation were biphasic; low concentrations stimulated adipocyte differentiation which was inhibited at higher concentrations where stimulation of osteoblast markers were observed. We conclude that cell proliferation and cell differentiation into adipocyte/osteoblast can occur simultaneously under BMP-7/OP-1 treatment.

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