Comparison of the Frontal Systems Behavior Scale and Neuropsychological Tests of Executive Functioning in Predicting Instrumental Activities of Daily Living APPLIED NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Karzmark, P., Llanes, S., Tan, S., Deutsch, G., Zeifert, P. 2012; 19 (2): 81-85


Both neuropsychological tests of executive functioning and the Frontal Systems Behavior Scale (FrSBe) consistently predict instrumental activity-of-daily-living capacity. However, the nature of the predictive relationship between the FrSBe and neuropsychological tests of executive functioning has received limited attention. The current study was designed to assess the incremental validity of the FrSBe in predicting instrumental activity-of-daily-living functioning when added to comprehensive testing of executive functioning in a sample of 100 adult general neuropsychological referrals. A composite measure of executive test performance was calculated, and a family member completed the FrSBe and an instrumental activity-of-daily-living measure. Stepwise multiple regression analysis using the executive composite measure and the FrSBe accounted for 44% of the variance in instrumental activity capacity, and the addition of the FrSBe increased predictive ability by approximately 50%. The current results also indicate that FrSBe Scale E is more important as a predictor of instrumental activity capacity than the two self-regulation measures, Scale A and Scale D.

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