Measurement of perioperative flexion-extension mechanics of the knee joint JOURNAL OF ARTHROPLASTY Giori, N. J., Giori, K. L., Woolson, S. T., Goodman, S. B., Lannin, J. V., Schurman, D. J. 2001; 16 (7): 877-881


Perioperative knee mechanics currently are evaluated Perioperative knee mechanics currently are evaluated by measuring range of motion. This is an incomplete measurement, however, because the torque applied to achieve the motion is not measured. We hypothesized that a custom goniometer and force transducer could measure the torque required to passively flex a knee through its full range of motion. This measurement was done in the operating room immediately before and after surgery in 20 knees having total knee arthroplasty and 9 having surgery on another limb. Surgery changed the mechanics of 8 knees, whereas unoperated knees remained unchanged. This measurement technique is safe, easy, and repeatable. It improves on the current standard of perioperative knee measurement and can be applied to investigate the effects of surgery and rehabilitation on ultimate knee motion.

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