Management of biopsy needle artifacts: Techniques for RF-refocused MRI JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING Butts, K., Pauly, J. M., Daniel, B. L., Kee, S., Norbash, A. M. 1999; 9 (4): 586-595


Several methods were investigated to improve the depiction of biopsy needles in radiofrequency (RF)-refocused magnetic resonance imaging. Distortion correction is performed by the use of view angle tilting (VAT): a gradient is employed on the slice-select axis during readout. Needle conspicuity is increased by offsetting the gradient echo from the spin echo and by inverting the 90 degrees RF pulse slice-select gradient. VAT effectively re-registers in-plane shifts. Since this method changes the projection angle through the slice, some structures appear blurred, while other structures appear sharper. VAT does not correct errors in slice selection. Offsetting the spin echo from the gradient echo increases needle conspicuity but can result in a shift in the apparent location of the needle. Inverting the 90 degrees slice-select gradient effectively increases the needle conspicuity with no shift in the needle location. These methods provide an easy and interactive means to manipulate needle artifacts but should be used cautiously.

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